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The Vitality Health Center is excited to announce the launch of our Blog! This new feature of our website will provide you insight into Vitalitys health and wellness products and services. Our medical practice blog will cover a broad range of topics including; Product Reviews, Video Demonstrations (see our YouTube Channel), Upcoming Products, Press Releases, News Updates, Product Comparisons, Coupons and Offers, Industry Happenings, Rants and Raves, and whatever else we can think of adding to this blog. Lastly and most importantly, please comment and share because we want to hear from you! Subscribe and Comment below!

At Vitality Health Center, we are committed to providing you the best customer patient experience. Help us provide you the best health and wellness information you want to read, see, and hear. Comment on our blog posts and subscribe to our
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Improve Your Posture - Don't Be A Sitting Duck
Many health care practioners feel that poor posture is a significant cause of back pain. One study conducted in the mid-1970s concluded that sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, five days a week in an unsupported posture puts more stress on the disks, muscles and ligaments than any other posture, including standing. It's no great leap in logic also to conclude that working in this position, in pain, makes a person less efficient at his or her job. Read Article.

The intestinal tract is a complex ecosystem host to a diverse and highly evolved microbial community composed of hundreds of different microrganisms, both harmful and beneficial. Read Article.

Arthritis Relief? Get Chiropractic
Millions of people suffer from some form of arthritis. Because arthritis is commonly believed to be incurable, the standard medical response has been simply to prescribe medication to reduce the symptoms. Read Article.

Herbal Antimicrobials
People need safe and effective substances to combat the rise in microbe-causing diseases now evident in all parts of the world. Increases in mass population movements, international travel, immigration, animal transport, improper food handling, and drug-resistant microbes have led to an explosion of intestinal diseases, and thus a need for new, safe antimicrobials. Read Article.

Benefits of Soy
The potential health benefits of soybeans and soy foods have become increasingly recognized worldwide. This is due largely to the apparent health benefits imparted by the traditional Asian diet, which is very high in soy foods, as well as low in saturated fat, and high in dietary fiber. Read Article.
Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Omega-3 fatty acids shown to prevent diabetes complicationse. Weight and diet affect diabetes in ways that are still being studied. Both body fat and fat circulating in the bloodstream appear to hinder the ability of body cells to use insulin. The pancreas compensates by producing additional insulin, but as people put on more and more weight, the pancreas slowly becomes unable to keep up with the added demand. Sometimes, the strain becomes so great that the function of the pancreas deteriorates, and type 2 diabetes results. Read Article.

Our Philosophy
  Our goal is to help you achieve your health and wellness objectives by incorporating the six laws of the human body into your daily life: Diet, Rest, Exercise, Alignment, Meditation and Stress Management (DREAMS)  
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