by Calliope Tsoukalas
    on Aug 1st, 2018

Yes. Absolutely. Many people think of massage as a luxury spa treat. And it certainly can be that. However, massage therapy is just that, therapy. Studies have found many health benefits to massage. Here are a few noted by webmd.com:

I recommend massage therapy to all my clients for regular personal care and for aiding in detoxification. Whether you want to relax, treat yourself, or help reduce pain and inflammation, massage therapy is an excellent choice.

You can purchase massage packages to gain the benefits of consistent treatment by calling us at 310.396.3635 or coming in to see us at 2232 Santa Monica Blvd, STE 101, Santa Monica, CA 90404.

5- packs: $225

10- packs: $400

Be well and happy.

Author Calliope Tsoukalas Nutrition Counselor/Health & Fitness Writer

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