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The U.S. healthcare system has historically put its focus on acute care. "The cost of providing that kind of care has been growing faster than the capacity of the individuals that pay for it to actually pay for it,” said Pat Charmel, CEO of Griffin Hospital. Preventive and integrative medicine can pave a path towards sustainable healthcare and real wellness.

Most people go to the doctor when they are sick, avoiding the otherwise often unpleasant experience. Some people even avoid the doctor or preventive measures when they have a health scare like a prediabetic diagnosis. Making changes can be difficult. It takes conscious, consistent effort. But what do you have when your health is gone?

One in two Americans now suffers from chronic disease. Almost 30 percent of kids now have a chronic disease. Seven of ten deaths are caused by chronic disease. We no longer require acute care. We require preventive care, which deals with diet and lifestyle.

I have met with people diagnosed as prediabetic who told me straight they were not going to make the changes to their diets I recommended. They were unwilling to be uncomfortable for a few weeks to prevent a lifetime of discomfort, of medicine and doctor’s visits, of insulin shots and a total disruption of lifestyle. And statistics state that the average annual cost to treat a diabetic patient is $14,000 per year. Insurance will cover that cost or part of it. However, when patients meet with me, a nutritionist, to prevent diabetes, that is not covered, not even a little. The entire expense, including any supplements, is required to come out of the patient’s pocket. I wonder what could happen if insurance providers decided to help with that cost.

Until then, the best things I can recommend are to consistently eat fresh, whole foods, exercise a minimum of 30 minutes at least 4 times per week, get annual checkups, and make time for personal care, which includes quality sleep, alone time for journaling or meditating, and time in nature.

If you would like guidance in creating a preventive healthcare plan that utilizes an integrative approach, contact us at Vitality Health Center. Our nutritionist, chiropractor, massage therapist and Pilates instructors are dedicated to your wellness and vitality.


Calliope Tsoukalas Nutrition Counselor/Health & Fitness Writer

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