Kinesio Taping Tips for Ankles

Ligaments help support your joints. When you sprain or "roll" your ankle, you stretch the ligaments, weakening the joint's support. In order to help it heal, kinesio taping can be used. By wrapping the tape with figure-8 patterns and following the natural position of the ligaments, you can help support the joint and speed up recovery time.

Remember to tape the ankle in neutral position, bringing the foot up as if you were standing on it. It's best to use three strips of tape:

1. Heel strap: The first strip should be used to create heel support. From behind the heel, bring the tape center and wrap each side around the heel bone (calcaneous), and pull the tape over the front of the foot, as shown.

2. Medial strap: Next, use the second strip to mimic the inside (medial) ligaments, placing the strip vertically over the ankle bone, bringing the tape down under the foot and over to the other side.

3. Lateral strap: Then use the last strip to mimic the outer (lateral) ligaments, placing the strip vertically over the outer ankle bone, down under the foot, over the other side.

You can keep the tape on for two days (unless it is itchy, then remove immediately in case you may be allergic). This will help swelling and inflammation and reduce pain while you have to be on your foot. Try not to lean to the other side to avoid creating other imbalances in your body. If the pain or swelling gets worse, you cannot bear weight on your ankle or you feel tingling in feet or toes, please seek medical attention immediately.

Watch the video of Dr. Rothman to help guide you through it and comment below.

Happy healing!

Calliope Tsoukalas Nutrition Counselor/Health & Fitness Writer

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