Dieting is one of the worst ways to live life. I see so many people yo-yoing on the scale, with their diets, in their daily habits.

Balance is the key to a healthful and fun lifestyle!

Creating a relationship to food that fulfills your body, mind and soul is the way to stay healthy on all levels. This allows freedom. This allows indulgence. This allows energy. And these all amount to quality living that's full of vitality.

Create something sustainable. Start by adding healthful foods to your diet and some form of exercise you enjoy. Adding an extra serving of leafy greens or asparagus each day and a 25 minute walk will boost your energy and nutrients. Plus, when you add something you can stick to doing regularly, it helps build confidence.

Once you've done that consistently for at least two weeks, add one more serving of vegetables that is new to you like cabbage or beets, AND remove one item of food you eat regularly that you know is not good for you or does not make you feel good. If you eat french fries regularly or drink soda a few times a week, take one of those or something like that out of your diet. Remember, it's not permamanent. Once you have eliminated harmful foods from your diet for at least 21 days, you may actually find you don't want them anymore, or you can feel free to have it once in a while. Once in a while means once every month or every other month. You should never deprive yourself. And you should always look to fuel your body and mind with highly nutritious foods.

If you want help creating a custom diet or improve your relationship to food so you can increase energy, relieve inflammation and bring yourself back into balance, call for a nutrition consultation now at 310.396.3635 or email
Calliope Tsoukalas Nutrition Counselor/Health & Fitness Writer

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