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How do you feel after you eat a meal? You may have heard that your food is your fuel. As you would with your car, you want to provide yourself the best quality fuel. Many of us don’t bother to pay attention to how we feel in our bodies most of the time, particularly after a meal. When you make eating a conscious choice that you do for your health and wellbeing, you will also make conscious which foods your body likes and which it does not.

Digestive symptoms such as gas, bloating, indigestion, pain, cramping, and low motility are common, which is surprising considering why we eat in the first place. Digestive distress can prevent us from fully engaging in our lives and realizing the true potential of our bodies and health. Most of what some people consider to be normal ways of reacting to food are really symptoms of indigestion. Meals have the ability to make you feel energized, light and motivated.

There are many components to your digestion so giving attention to all organs will make a significant difference. Digestion starts even before you put food in your mouth. Your body begins producing digestive enzymes in the gut when you first begin to think about your meal. Food then goes from your mouth, to your stomach, to the small intestine where micro and macronutrients are absorbed. Then it moves to your large intestine where it will eventually move through and out your body. The pancreas and gallbladder are also involved, sending digestive enzymes to the small intestine and bile for breaking down fatty foods, respectively.

Today, many of our foods are processed and include harmful and toxic ingredients, making digestion even more difficult. Eating fresh, whole foods is more important than ever. If you are experiencing digestive symptoms as noted above, it may be best to start with a cleanse, addressing toxic buildup in each of the major organs involved in digestion. You may also be eating foods that do not agree with your body. Working with an experienced professional is ideal. At Vitality Health Center, our nutrition and wellness coach can guide you on a cleanse, eliminating harmful foods and then gradually add foods back into your diet, determining which foods are healthful to your unique body.

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Dr. Yariv Rothman Chiropractor

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