Vitamin Drips

The Myers’ cocktail is a specially formulated vitamin drip. A “drip” is popular slang in both the public and medical worlds for intravenous (IV) therapy. IV therapy delivers liquid substances, hydration fluids, or –in the case of the Myers’ cocktail- vitamins ( we include Vit B-complex, Vit-C, Magnezium, Calcium, B12, B6, B3, AND Glutathione, ( the master Anti-oxidant), helps in fighting off viruses by priming NK (natural Killer Cells) and T-Cells, your bodies front line against viral infections. IV drips have been with us since the mid 19th century. The Myers’ Cocktail is comprised of a mix of medical-grade nutrients that are customized according to the medical condition being treated. since the increase of health-compromising, pre-packaged, and processed foods in the American home, the anti aging and disease-fighting benefits of the Myers’ cocktail have been re-discovered by doctors and patients alike. Vitamin drips are also beneficial as preventative therapy. These therapies include: IMMUNITY BOOSTING, as the IV dose of vitamins are directly absorbed into the blood stream, without causing adverse affects to the digestive system. 

Authentic Examples Of Vitamin Drip Results
In 2002, the Alternative Medicine Review published Dr. Alan R. Gaby’s medical review titled “Intravenous Nutrient Therapy: The ‘Myers’ Cocktail’.” In it, Dr. Gaby offered examples of results from actual case studies. Among them were:

Sinusitis. A woman between 30 and 35 years of age battled chronic sinusitis for over a year. She underwent two Myers’ cocktail therapy sessions over the course of two consecutive days. As a result, her sinusitis symptoms should rapid improvement, and didn’t recur for over six months.
Migraines. A middle-aged woman who suffered chronic migraine symptoms chose Myers’ Cocktail therapy after several other treatment types failed. She found the therapy so effective, she underwent seventy separate sessions over the span of six years.
Flu. A collegiate wrestling athlete came down with the flu just prior to when he was slotted for a major competition. After a single Myers’ cocktail therapy session, the flu symptoms diminished. But, even more than this, the student experience a boost of energy. He competed better than in any prior wrestling tournament.

4 Benefits Of The Myers’ Cocktail Vitamin Drip

 - Preventative therapy for frequent travelers who must fly regularly during cold and flu seasons
 - Approved athletic sports performance enhancement
 - Hangover remedy/ Anti Oxidant

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