Chiropractic Massage Therapy

Massage therapy involves more than just relieving pain. Expert therapists at Vitality Health Center also use massage therapy to improve circulation, speed up tissue repair, and strengthen your immune system. This wellness office helps you achieve your overall best health, by providing regular massage therapy sessions right in their convenient Santa Monica, California location.

We offer a variety of massage therapy services for our valued patients. We encourage you to learn more about what we provide and how we can help by clicking on the links below. If you have any questions, please contact us. We're always happy to hear from you!

Massage Therapy Q and A

What is massage therapy?
Massage therapy requires your therapist to rub soft tissues all over your body. This includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, and connective tissue. Your therapist may use their hands, feet, fingers, thumbs, elbows, or forearms, to provide the best massage therapy results for you. Some massages even include additional tools, like hot stones.

While many types of massage certainly can be relaxing. The goal is to improve blood flow, so you can heal. Massage therapy also can minimize tension, as well as pain, so you are more relaxed and stress-free.

Is there a difference between a Swedish massage and a deep tissue massage?
Yes. While both Swedish and deep tissue massage certainly can help you with pain relief, they’re very different. With Swedish massage, your therapist uses long gliding strokes over the top layer of your muscles. He or she moves in the direction of blood flow to your heart. Some parts of the massage include kneading and tapping techniques to further improve blood circulation. The improvement in blood flow helps move blood to damaged tissues, which helps healing and recovery after an injury.

With deep tissue massage, your therapist uses more active and intense motions to relieve muscle tension, deep down inside the muscle. This type of massage is beneficial especially if you have long-lasting muscle tension, since it works out deep knots. Your practitioner helps you decide which type of massage is best for you and provides you with regular massage therapy treatments.

Will I need trigger point massage?
Possibly, if you have muscle tension or knots that just won’t go away. Trigger point massage requires your therapist to apply firm pressure — sometimes with a specialized instrument — directly to the affected area. He or she continues applying intense direct pressure to your problem area until your muscles relax. While this type of massage therapy isn’t necessarily comfortable, the end result is beneficial. It helps release any tension you feel, so you get that instant relief.

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