Functional Medicine

Unlike the traditional medical approach, functional medicine addresses the person as a whole; we do not isolate a set of symptoms. When reviewing your history, we look at genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that can influence your health. We believe that this style of functional medicine supports health and vitality in all of our patients.

Why Functional Medicine

Over the past several years we've heard about a sharp increase in chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, cancer, and other autoimmune disorders. Many physicians practice acute-care and as a result, diagnosis and treatment is often done on an urgent care basis. Specific treatment regimens combined with drugs and/or surgery treat immediate problems or symptoms, ignoring the overall problem and causes of symptoms.

We believe the traditional approach to medicine lacks the methodology for preventing chronic diseases. By taking into account the unique genetic makeup of each individual, combined with all lifestyle factors, we can fix the problem instead of just covering it up with medication.

Specific treatment regimens combined with drugs and/or surgery treat only immediate problems and ignore the overall causes.

What Makes Functional Medicine Different

We believe that patient centered care combined with medical practices and a science-based approach will help us understand the origin, prevention, and treatment of chronic diseases. Since we practice patient centered care, we promote health beyond the absence of illness. We feel it is important to learn everything we can in order to improve your overall health and vitality. By combining alternative or "integrative" medicine, we create a focus on the importance of prevention.

The Functional Medicine Approach

Functional medicine involves understanding how everything in your life affects you and your health. This includes your diet, your level of exercise, traumas that you may have experienced, and even the air you breathe. We also believe that social, spiritual and psychological factors all have an influence on your overall health. We do not overlook the importance of genetics and predisposed conditions you may have. By fully assessing the underlying causes and triggers of potential dysfunction, we are able to understand how your body is affected by each of these things. This helps us understand how your body rids itself of toxins, regulates hormones, and how your immune system is affected.

We believe it's important for you, as the patient and sufferer, to become an active partner with your medical practitioner. In return, you can take charge and improve your own health and have a better understanding of what is needed for you to achieve your personal health goals.

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