Physical Therapy

Your physical therapist should be able to treat your body as a whole, so you can recover quickly. The caring practitioners at Vitality Health Center specialize in total body care. They use a combination of physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and specialized exercises to get you back on top. The Santa Monica, California office offers flexible scheduling and can often see you within a day.

Physical Therapy Q and A

Why would I need physical therapy?
If you’re not performing at your best, or are struggling with normal everyday activities, physical therapy can help get you back on track. The goal of your treatment plan is to make you stronger, so that your muscle strength and endurance matches your own personal fitness level. You might need physical therapy to:

Help you recover after a surgery or injury
Treat and manage arthritis
Rebuild muscle strength after being sedentary for a long time
Improve symptoms of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
Treat chronic back pain or sciatica

What happens during a physical therapy session?
Each team member personally works with you, providing massage, stretching, and motion exercises, depending on your needs. They’ll also probably have you work with a therapist who can teach you exercises that start building up your muscle mass. You should continue to do many of these exercises at home, so make sure you’re fully comfortable with them before leaving the office.

Often times, men and women are treated with soft tissue healing systems, including cold laser, ultrasound, or electric stimulation. These gentle treatments help tissues heal, so you can recover more quickly.

These sessions are tailored to meet your physical needs, as well as your busy schedule. While you may not realize it during your physical therapy session, your body is actually working. You’ll likely need ice or heat on the affected area for a few minutes before you head out.

How many physical therapy sessions will I need?
Every physical therapy treatment plan is tailored to the patient, so it depends on you. During your initial consultation, your practitioner goes over realistic expectations with you, allowing you to plan accordingly. They’ll probably start treating you the same day.

On average, men and women needing physical therapy schedule 2-3 sessions per week. You may continue these treatments for 3-4 months or longer, depending on how quickly you heal. Or if you need maintenance, for dealing with arthritis, as an example, you may need only to come in once a week, or several times a month.

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