Pilates does more than keep you toned and flexible. It actually has numerous benefits for your health. The highly-skilled Pilates trainers at Vitality Health Center in Santa Monica, California, work with you and your medical team to incorporate Pilates into your integrative medicine plan. By adding this mind-body type of exercise into your routine, you’re on a path to overall improved wellness.

Pilates Q and A

Is Pilates similar to yoga?
Pilates and yoga are similar in that they both have a healthy mind and body connection. The exercises in both include slow, methodical movements that require you to focus on your breath technique. But with Pilates, expect to spend more time focusing on building up your core muscles. Pilates participants often incorporate other things into their workouts, like gliding discs and Pilates straps, to maximize stretches.

What should I expect from my Pilates class?
It depends on your physical ability and your injury (if you have one). But most Pilates exercises are centered around your core. After all, if you have a strong midsection, you’re more likely to stand taller, walk straighter, and feel more confident all around. Pilates movements use your body weight rather than gym weights, to build muscle. You learn different positions that can increase muscle mass in your arms, legs, back, shoulders, and core.

During these exercises, you also increase your flexibility, which ultimately improves your joint mobility. While this all may sound out of your league, don’t be overwhelmed by starting Pilates. The movements you learn are low-impact and tailored to suit your physical ability.

Can I participate in Pilates classes if I have an injury?
Probably, yes (and you should). One of the benefits of taking Pilates classes at Vitality Health Center is that your doctor and chiropractor are in the same facility. So your Pilates program is integrated into your recovery plan. Your highly-skilled Pilates instructor works with you on a one-to-one basis to ensure that your program helps you heal and doesn’t worsen your injury.

Will I be able to participate in Pilates if I have arthritis?
Likely, yes, but your doctor at Vitality Health Center can let you know for sure. Even though arthritis leaves you in unbearable pain a lot of the time, you need to keep moving. Spending your time lying down or sitting can worsen your condition over time because your joints continue to stiffen up. Gentle rhythmic Pilates movements can improve your overall flexibility, minimizing strain and pain in your joints.

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